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I took this off the ARRL web site, and we will be adding our plans on here as well as they come in:

Field Day 2013 – June 22nd - 23rd

Dear Field Day Participant:

Field Day always reminds me of the John Godfrey Saxe poem, based on writings from the Far

East, where blind men are asked to describe an elephant. The poem begins:

It was six men of Indostan

To learning much inclined,

Who went to see the Elephant

(Though all of them were blind),

That each by observation

Might satisfy his mind…

After touching the animal, they individually conclude that the elephant is like a wall, snake, spear, tree,

fan or rope, depending upon where they touch. Though the debate is intense, they never come to a

resolution – for while each was correct in their perspective, none of them had the complete picture.

It seems that is an accurate description of what is by far the largest 24-hour Amateur Radio event

in the US and Canada. Every year, tens of thousands of licenses – young and old, new or experienced –

come together with non-amateurs in their communities to discover what is this “creature” called “Field

Day.” To some it will be a social event while others will approach it as a contest. Some explore the

dimensions of the event as an emergency preparedness exercise while the next group will address the

weekend as a public relations opportunity. There are those who view it as a chance to experiment with

new antenna designs and equipment. Not to be outdone, there will always be those who hear the term and

know it is simply an opportunity to get on the air and have some fun.

Just as in the case of the six blind men from Indostan, there are no absolute “right or wrong”

answers in this Field Day puzzle. However it is approached, the annual Field Day operating event brings

out the best that Amateur Radio has to offer. Field Day is an annual opportunity to challenge ourselves to

excel on our local, regional, national and global stages. It is truly an umbrella under which the panoply of

opportunities and experience we all share can flourish.

There is one rule change for Field Day in 2013. Stations operating as Class A or B may begin

setting up at 0000 UTC on Friday (which will be Thursday 8:00 PM EDT, 7:00 CDT, 6:00 MDT and 5:00

PDT). The groups may start and stop their set-up, resuming the set-up later but may spend only a

maximum of 24 hours cumulative time for setting up their sites.

On-the-air operation for Field Day 2013 is June 22 – 23. Now is the time to start the planning for

your successful weekend. Good luck as you build your Field Day “elephant.”


[email protected]

We are having the Field Day at KK7UJ and KK7WD's cabin.

The roads will be marked really well off Hiway 20 and off Aeneas Valley road.

We will be setting up antennas and getting the radio stations ready Friday the 21st Then Saturday at 10 am Field Day officially starts and we will run radios as long as we can until Sunday at 1:00 pm when it ends, and we take every thing down. We can always use help, before, during and after....

Everyone most welcome to come for the whole week-end or just for as long as you want.

There is room for camp trailers, smaller RVs and tents and the cabin has facilities.

Please if you can, let us know of your plans, we really would like to know how many will be attending so we can plan accordingly.

Thanks again for your interest..

So far we know for sure we will have at least 2 stations set up. and hope to have wire antennas for all bands and we do have a 3 element beam we would like to set up as well. We will have digital, psk31 set up, and ssb.

Do you by chance do CW?, we could really use CW operators ...