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The SPECIAL EVENT- The 82nd Annual Omak Stampede and World Famous Suicide Race. We will be on the air August 15th 0000Z until August 16th 2359Z.

Information will be put on this page.

Members will work as hard as they wish to get as many contacts as possible. The certificate will only be available by Email, it is a beautiful certificate with pictures of the race hill and the Indian encampment and rodeo.

See above

After you make contact with one of our members send a request for a e certificate to this email:

[email protected]

and we will get them out to you as soon as possible, be sure to add your contact information in the email as to verify the contact.

I will put links here as well to more information about the Stampede and Suicide Race. Be sure to check it out.

This is our Clubs 2nd Special Event so bear with us please... we will do the best we can with what we have to work as many as we can.

We will try to keep up with what we are doing on our FaceBook page as well ,but do not depend on it. We plan to have Operators on as many of the HF bands we can manage and that are open. We will be on 80 for the locals in the evenings and into the night. Look for us around 3.860

We will have an op doing PSK31 also and if you see us on any of the bands we would appreciate spots!

Please feel free to contact us via the Club's email for more information and comments or what ever.

Thanks again for your interest

Links that may be useful!!